Digital Signage.
Cloud Based.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a form of proximity communication. Used at the store, indoor or outdoor public spaces, its contents (images, texts and videos) are shown through screens and projectors or through interactive stands.
Our Cloud Digital Signage platform can be updated remotely with any computer or smartphone and can be integrated with Bluetooth LE technology, in order to offer your customers content even on smartphones.

Software Digital Signage

Interact with your customers.
In a direct and interactive way.

With Digital Signage you can convey targeted and interactive advertising
in which the consumer is the one to address the product using audio and video
that dialogue and guide the purchase decision.

Application cases.

Show discounts and promotions to your customers. Videos, menu of the day, etc.
The possibilities are endless.

Show Video Courses, conferences, information about your sales space.

Create a digital road sign and guide your customers to exhibition spaces etc.
It conveys attention and the buying process.

Why does it work?

Digital signage is not only advertising but also information.
With the proper strategy, images and videos can really grab attention and induce action.
We estimate that with proper use of Digital Signage, you can achieve a 25% boost in sales!

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