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Web marketing a Bari

Today, users/customers are becoming more and more Digital and they are always looking for goods and services on the web. The purchasing process, according to the urgency and the wished product, can be long. If your company is not using the latest technology and is not on the right channels, it will not be reached by potential customers. Your business risks not getting the visibility it deserves at the right time, in the right place!
If you are looking for a partner who can help your Business to grow online, welcome, you are in the right place!

Web marketing a Bari

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SEO - Search Engines Optimization and positioning
It is essential to appear in the first 10 positions in the Search Results to be visible online, considering that users, in most cases, tend not to go further. To have visibility, a website must be tracked within the first positions with keywords or key phrases that describe the information and features that it contains. Our SEO specialists are at your complete disposal.

SEM - search engine marketing - Paid Ads
The first advantage of keyword advertising is the speed of results and the full control of the advertiser. The main goal of an effective SEM pay-per-click campaign is to optimize the number of final conversions (visits/customers) and consequently the performance of the campaign itself.

Social Media Strategy
The biggest mistake you can make on Social, in terms of Digital Engagement, is using them randomly, without precise and measurable goals and without a clear and effective strategy. It is important to maintain your Social presence and goals aligned with your Marketing and Business strategies.
We do not sell on Social; we create connections with your customers.

Some useful facts
about Digital.

An article from the Blog Campaign Monitor (link) shows some data about the importance of digital marketing tools over the last year. Here are the most important highlights.

61% of users would not return to a site if they experienced problems using a mobile device to visit it.

28% of users with an account on the main social networks are more likely to establish a relationship with the company through social networks rather than going physically to a store.

26% of users are more likely to open a promotional email if the subject line is personalized.

Customer Experience
87% of a Brand's customers believe there should be an emphasis on providing an optimal customer and purchasing experience.

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